Blind Spot!

A Poem.

Quick Q:

If a golden retriever asked you to spit out its missing heir, what direction would you say was the wind vane?

- Adeboye Oluwajuyitan, M.D. from Book, EvolutionR (Poem — Help Me Solve this Puzzle In Between The Middle of My Midbrain).

Blind Spot!

Poem — Date of Composition: 13th April 2024 | 12:28 pm PST.

It’s just a dance!

Don’t migrate to France!

Let’s take a chance…

And recover the answers to the past!

I want to be fast!

Even though I already lead the past!

Africa is not last…

Africa is just in the past!

Don’t echo my words or I’ll get old!

All I’m saying is I love where the wind blows!

Purple is the most difficult color to see on the road…

But with a full glow, the color of your heart can make you become whole!

I’m unbiased but I’ll still honor your last chance!

Don’t become ‘envy; don’t become a bad star!

Before you check anything, I’m the check after ‘before you…

And before you get headward, I’ll be the blind spot behind your misunderstood neural connections!

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