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- Adeboye Oluwajuyitan, M.D., from Book, EvolutionR


Poem — Date of Composition: September/October 2020.

Blue is the electricity that keeps me electric.

Blue is the only heart scent or perfume I’ll ever need!

Blue is the sound formed when the true colors are mixing.

Blue is my rhythm, my adrenaline, and my energy!

Blue is the tool that switches my perception.

Blue is the truth that always sits well with me!

Blue is the compass that changes my direction.

Blue is the color that always has something to give!

Blue is the only color that genuinely has two windows.

Blue is the deep sea that enables the sky to see.

Blue is the only color that can keep me in limbo.

Blue is the password that always grants me access to my screen!

Blue is the spell that confuses my neighbors.

Blue is the gum that is always stuck to my teeth!

Blue is the synapse that connects my neurons.

Blue is the only protection my spinal cord will ever need!

Blue is the truth that pierces my darkness.

Blue is the only pigment that can ever dare to be cool.

Blue is the vertebra that completes my alignment.

Blue is the emotion that always keeps me in tune!

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