Cristiano Ronaldo!

A Poem.

Photo by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu on Unsplash

Coffee, foosball, and Gym!

Up next, I’m watching this film…

Of a guy who has a third limb,

And plays football without supporting his team!

My mansion is in airplane mode!

Because the aversion in front is named, ‘Gold’.

I’m understanding when I’m on my grey phone.

But once it turns yellow, I have to change my time zone!

Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash

Hallelujah is the lazy bricklayer’s cement!

Park the rulers and we’ll see who has the least sentiment…

My Toyota Sienna needs a brand-new Nigerian carpet.

Let’s bring C. Ronaldo back to Man United and see if we can raise the rent!

I just created a thunderstorm in my mind!

Ask me how I did it and I’ll tell you it’s in the past.

The mouse on my kitchen floor is of a different contrast to my lamps…

And if you attempt to guess the color, I’ll subtract 35 points from your cast!

I no longer want to live in 3-dimensional positions, please pass me the ball, and let me do a rebound!

Cristiano Ronaldo — Poem Number 7 from my book, EvolutionR

Composed by Dr. Adeboye Oluwajuyitan.

Date of Creation — 6th December 2022.

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