A Poem.


Photo by Dominic Sansotta on Unsplash

I see her walking on the beach,

Wearing a transparent tank top and my favorite dark blue jeans.

It seems deserted until suddenly a black horse runs by,

It gallops briskly and stops at the center, lowering its head just as it

reaches her side.

It’s now a moving scene even though Mila and the horse aren’t moving,

They rub heads together and another silent ocean wave comes crashing.

After a few seconds, the horse takes off and soon disappears completely

from view,

Head down, Mila continues walking and I see her figure in more detail.

There’re no earrings on her ears but she is wearing a black necklace,

The sky is relatively dark and her shirt suggests she was swimming earlier.

She rolls up her Jeans and a rose tattoo is visible beside her right ankle bracelet,

There’s a more obvious one on her neck displaying the Russian word,


I call out to her but she still can’t hear me, I can’t decide

whether this is real or I’m dreaming,

However, it’s crystal clear that she’s upset, I’ve never seen her this gloomy.

I scream her name once more and this time, she pauses and turns,

looking directly at me,

I’m not sure she sees me and even though I can’t prove it, I’m certain

she could kind of feel me.

Photo by Michal Matlon on Unsplash

Mila turns away and continues her walk but her mood

seems a tad brighter,

The whole medium starts to glitch, first I hear birds and

then I see trees a few moments later.

While she walks, things keep changing; now we’re in a park

with a curious house in the center.

As she inhales and exhales, the scene again becomes still,

and she sits on the sole bench outside.

Standing up, Mila makes three knocks on the door,

She is now grinning and I began to feel a certain sense of

déjà vu.

She inserts her keys and my eyes forcefully begin to close

until they are completely shut,

I open my eyes a few seconds later just to see Mila walk

into the room.

Thanks for leading me home, she says,

As she walks towards the bed and I give her a warm hug.

Thanks for giving me hope, I reply.

A black horse trots past our window…

‘DREAMING!’ is a poem from my book, Respectful Ideation.



Dr. Adeboye Oluwajuyitan⚡The Befibrillator

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