I Inhaled A Balloon!

A Poem.

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We worry so much about things beyond our control and science has shown that the majority of us have a negativity bias towards daily happenings and events in our lives. This on its own leads to stress and stress, regardless of the source, has negative effects on our body and mind. Practicing gratitude daily is an effective way to counteract this bias as it helps us remain positive and optimistic. Another great way to fuel your positivity barometer is to engage in causes that you are passionate about, especially activities that both embrace your personal values and involve touching other people’s lives for the better.

- Adeboye Oluwajuyitan, M.D., from Book, Medical School In A Nutshell.

I Inhaled A Balloon!

Poem — Date of Composition: 15th June 2024 | 09:22 pm PST.

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I’m feeling cold but I’m warm!

A bunny should break my arm!

I don’t want to stay the way I am!

I don’t want to go into my mind!

This is not a nursery rhyme!

I don’t want to grow till I rhyme!

Your peace is worth a fucking dime!

A dream is not for the night!

I pee with force but I’m on the side!

A pea and a fork is your dessert!

I’ve had it up to year, now who decides?!

Earrings are for when the ball slips in!

I don’t dream big but I want to win big!

My sister is slim so I love to drink tea!

But I’m devoid of pins so my idea can finally become free!


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