In My Presidential Suit!

A Poem.

LIGHT UP! by Befibrillator Photography

George is not really mental, he’s just a little judgemental.

My phone is in a state of mental bliss, it says Flo-Rida doesn’t live in Florida! Hmmm.

My swimming coach left me out of the winning team, so I gave him five backstrokes to sanction him!

Winnie the Pooh must never listen to Rhythm and Blues, otherwise, I’ll call rock, paper, and scissors, and turn this into a musical hymn!

For the fun of it, I rode a horse to sleep!

And just because of you, I had to wait for ‘W’.

The pigeon right across us on that tree must have an awesome view!

It’s not looking directly at me but I know it’s possible!

Up next on the Halloween menu is a catholic grill and her priest!

I know I’m not supposed to laugh in church but damn those coffins are cute!

The priest was mad at me for saying the above so he sent me to detention where I accidentally sat on his grill!

Now I know I’m not supposed to lie in church but damn those coffins are mute!

I mean those muffins are cute… Mute… Suit… Suite? Don’t sue me. Or sue! Shoo!! Shoot!

And….. ACTION!

The prodigal son has finally been found, I’m going home to my presidential suite!

My eyes are closed and I hear sirens, quit trying to convince me that we’re at the back of a police van!

I’m never listening to rap music again, I just broke an imaginary vase in the Zoo!

They say Pica is an ancient eating disorder, well, please help me say hi to my newborn baby, and oh, by the way, these flowers are for you!

“In My Presidential Suit!” — Poem Number 20 from my book, EvolutionR

Composed by Dr. Adeboye Oluwajuyitan.

Date of Creation — 10th December 2022.

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