Numbers Don’t Mean Nothing!

A Poem.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

I am under the impression that villains can now save superheroes!

Subtract zero from my heart and I’ll give you a plus sign as a test!

My nine wolves are injured, how do I conjure up a certified ghost as my next pet?

If I never had an AC before I moved to BC, does that mean that my speed multiplied by my distance is the new key to my optimum health?

If water evaporates just as fluorine ejaculates, can we say I have my toilet habits in order?

I saw a lone bear while skating over Nottingham Forest, why can’t I be promoted to the next English division before finishing my burgers?

My left palm is currently on a hot plate, could there ever be a better time for my right mind to conjure up an idea?

If seven plus seven equals seven and I’m on the bus with a blonde seven, does that mean that our first offspring is going to be born in a car at seven?

FINITE LOVE NFT Painting by Befibrillator

I convinced my dad to break open his new Mercedes without triggering the alarm, can I confidently say that I’ve now created a new religion?

I turned off my PC after 9 months of continuous activity, is it safe to say that I’ve formed a solid bond with nature?

If I step out of the elevator and see two ladies on their knees, should I take off my ring before watching tonight’s WWE show?

If there’s rain in Vancouver and I’m flying in in a plane from Argentina, can I sing Winter Is Coming while sliding down on a Christmas pole?

“Numbers Don’t Mean Nothing!” — Poem Number 9 from my book, EvolutionR

Composed by Dr. Adeboye Oluwajuyitan.

Date of Creation — 8th December 2022.

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