The Only Poem I Wish She’d Compose For Me.

WORDS NFT by Befibrillator

What are words if we cannot express ourselves?

What are muscles if we cannot outsmart ourselves?

Why do we have bodies if we never take care of our heads?

Why can’t I get a turtle the next day after I tattoo a pause sign on my neck?

DICK NFT Painting by Befibrillator

I’m in awe of you but I’m engulfed in my self-pride!

I’m distraught from loneliness but I’m not yet ready to say let’s vibe.

I’ve made a pact with all the substitutes because I never want to be your test drive.

And I’ll be sewing my only seed into this oily canvas after which I’ll never again be willing to let things slide.

BLUE GENES NFT Artwork by Befibrillator

Now, what do you actually think of me, because I know what you forever feel…

And if I lent you my eyes to look at yourself, have you thought of what details I actually see?

There are 11 colored gases coming out of this transparent marble, hold this egg while you take a guess which one is mine…

And when you’re done, I’ll give you my rainbow, but you’ll only feel it when you truly come into my heart.

RAINBOWS NFT Painting by Befibrillator

I’m going to leave you now, but please don’t leave your eyes open…

You can have a single strand of my long red hair, it will keep you in between my X chromosomes…

Relax your mind and remain relapsed in time, my past is in line with your reincarnated memory.

I’ll kiss you goodbye, but I’m now in your vibe, you’ll never relapse because my backdoor is finally open.

“RELAPSE” is Poem Number 32 from my book, EvolutionR; a tribute to celebrate my upcoming 33rd Birthday on 14th of March.

Composed by Dr. Adeboye Oluwajuyitan.

Date of Creation — 10th December 2022.

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