A Poem.

GOODNIGHT by Befibrillator Photography

How do I look up to God in the morning, if I still haven’t bought my umbrella?

I’m going to heat this box of chocolate into thin air, I no longer want to be under the sun’s radar.

Then like a box of matches, I’ll strike a deal with the nearest Celcius,

So I can hide in your sweat while I deliver you from hell and keep you in my ‘word’-less prison.

WORDS NFT Painting by Befibrillator

My reasons are hidden and on par with my first step is my rhythm.

I don’t have a belief system, I just tune my mind to each drop of water coming out of my kitchen sink.

I used to think that I needed the light to think until I realized that my resistance to think and see is actually the only ink I need.

You can proceed with your journey to visit every part of the world but I’ll forever be conquering more space than you are, I’m going to stand still in one spot and turn into a ring.

Did I hear somebody say prism?

I’m living in more worlds than you can find on a flat-screen TV!

The velocity of my attention is trajectory,

But once ‘heat’ touches you, be expected to lie down for at least thirty minutes…

I am a force of circular exponentiality,

But I always keep the closing bracket of my equations hidden!

Falsify my rhythm and you’ll wake up in the darkness with your eyes closed.

With no bond and no cord, just a frozen spirit living with no backbone!

“SiNNER!” — Poem Number 5 from my book, EvolutionR

Composed by Dr. Adeboye Oluwajuyitan.

Date of Creation — 11th December 2022.



Dr. Adeboye Oluwajuyitan⚡The Befibrillator

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