The Best Time!

A Poem | (#23) Culled From My Fourth Book — EvolutionR.

Quick Q:

If the bacteria on your bathroom mirror asked you to flush them into your computer, how many episodes of the soap opera would you watch inside your kitchen dryer?

- Adeboye Oluwajuyitan, M.D., from Book, EvolutionR (Poem — Help Me Solve this Puzzle In Between The Middle of My Midbrain).

The Best Time!

Poem — Date of Composition: 15th December 2022.

The best time to hear your newborn baby say her first hello is after waking up to a missed call,

A better time for us to make our first sounds would be after learning the first letter of the alphabet,

The best time to do your first magic trick is after coming out as a misunderstood straight mathematician,

And the best time to raise your middle finger is after saying one, two, go!

The best time to get a perfect score is after charging your battery to 100%,

A better time to feel no emotions is before going to the dentist,

The best time to clap in a museum is after you accidentally break a piece of art,

And the best time to teach your daughter about protected sex is after she signs an oath to forever be a nun!

The best time to recover from an allergic reaction is after your doctor scratches his head,

A better time to go for a swimming competition is after eating a large meal without drinking water,

The best time to referee a football match is immediately after winning a game of cards,

And the best time to blow up a pack of balloons is at a court when the judge asks you for a confession!

A good time to find the remaining clues to the world’s most difficult riddle is a minute before you are asked to take your final guess,

A great time to overcome your fear of heights is in an elevator when you feel sick and hear ‘going up’,

The best time to have your pulse assessed by a CPR professional is when you are bobbing your head to the staying alive music soundtrack,

And the best time to stop looking at the time is a second before you take your last breath!


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