A Poem | (#11) Culled From My Fourth Book — EvolutionR.

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“Thank you for making me be able to forget.
Thank you for making me too.
Thank you for making me forget.
Thank you for making me.”

- Adeboye Oluwajuyitan, M.D. from EvolutionR (Poem — Sounds I Would Make To GOD The First Time I Lived After I Died. (Tomorrow).”


Poem — Date of Composition: 11th December 2022.


When you come into the world, you come into a vacuum,

Everything is in slow motion and you are only allowed to project through your two eyes,

Your life starts to rhyme with the time, and your mind automatically starts learning,

But your sound comes before your sight, to prove to you, you are first, an entity.

The first time you open your eyes, all you see is chaos and misunderstanding,

Different souls acting on their respective memories that have been solidified into a programming,

They have labels, egos, names, and languages… And brain patterns completely guided by judgment,

Without having an idea that it is the extent of your cry that signifies your rank and government.

Synchronous with your first cry are your senses of smell and feeling,

The first oxygen molecules go in and the ductus arteriosus closes,

The cord is cut and you touch your mum and your body temperature naturalizes,

After a few minutes, you are put through your first test, but you still don’t comprehend that this is now the blueprint.

You get fed and you get dressed, and your neurons form their first complex connections which you ‘accept’ as a habit,

A lot of acceptance and rejection goes on your whole life as you continue to use your mind primarily to filter,

Unfortunately, the most important thing that you learn is that you learn to forget that you are trapped in matter!

This happens when you become able to recognize yourself in a mirror, usually around your second year on planet ‘earth’.

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