You Can’t Sing!

A Poem | (#18) Culled From My Third Book — Respectful Ideation.

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When you exercise, you develop collateral blood vessels which facilitate more fluid circulation. Collateral blood vessels are new and fresh tiny blood vessels around your organs, this is especially true with the blood vessels of your heart.

- Adeboye Oluwajuyitan, M.D., from Book, Medical School In A Nutshell.

You Can’t Sing!

Poem — Date of Composition: June/July 2022.

A, B, C, D, E, F, G!

Cake, Pie, Game, Kale,

I Don’t Wanna Pick!

Pull My Legs,

You Singleton!

Don’t Be Too Near,

Why? Cause I’m Over There!

Now You Know How To

Play With Me,

Wrinkle, Wrinkle,

You’re Old and Can’t Sing!

A, S, D, F, J, K, L, Semicolon!

Make Sure You Wear

Your Name-tag To My Ceremony!

Scramble, This Isn’t Scrabble!

You ‘Letters’ Need To Take A Gamble!

And When You Come Up With

Something out of the Ordinary,

Maybe I’ll Change My Keyboard,

And add you to my Dictionary!

‘You Can’t Sing’ is a Poem from Respectful Ideation.

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